Artograph is a bi-monthly bilingual e-magazine brought out by NEWNMEDIA™ that focuses on music, dance, and arts in general. Conceptualized by the noted art writer and ace photographer, Hareesh N. Nampoothiri, and made possible by enduring support from a team of like-minded art enthusiasts, the first issue of the magazine was released in January 2019. ISSN National Centre of India has assigned the magazine ISSN 2582-6662 in Sep 2020.

Artograph is a humble effort to document the events happening in the cultural realm of the country. The magazine features articles in both English and Malayalam, supported by quality photographs. Spanning across different sections, it contains critical evaluations and reports on classical performances, featured write-ups, interviews, and insight into relevant topics concurrent with the period of its release. The content contributed voluntarily by like-minds makes the magazine unbiased and deeply committed to its cause.

Though the magazine is primarily a digital publication, the principles of a print magazine are kept intact and follow a layout giving equal emphasis to content and photographs. Mainly distributed through major digital publishing platforms (Google Play Books, Scribd, and Issuu), the magazine is also available through different web and social media channels. Furthermore, a dedicated web page is there for each issue, and the articles are linked individually. Being nonprofit, the subscription which requires a registered e-mail is offered free of cost.


To create a space for writings on art subjects and thereby promote the revival and spread of India’s rich cultural heritage.


Artograph has identified a few areas where the magazine could make itself relevant, and help to accomplish its principal goal.

  • Kerala is culturally vibrant, and many events happen throughout the state every day. However, only a handful of performances and artists get the attention they deserve. Artograph aims to address this by giving space to record them, if not entirely, at least a few more.
  • Artists need recognition to thrive in their artistic journey. Artograph understands this and through interviews and featured write-ups, helps both seasoned and novice artists, to present themselves, and to share their contributions and experiences.
  • Artists rarely get a chance to discuss relevant topics or to raise their voices. Artograph encourages young and aspirant artists to share their views and make themselves heard.