The texts and photographs featured in this magazine are contributions from art lovers without taking any remuneration. Though we understand that there's no free lunch, we are not in a position to pay the authors or photographers at this stage. You may also note that not only the base content, but the entire activity - including editing, designing and publishing, are done voluntarily. However, this doesn't mean that we are relaxed about the selection of content or the process. We take utmost care to keep it on par with any magazine out there.

If you are familiar with the classical art forms (dance and music) or theatre, have a flair for writing, and wish to contribute, please contact us via e-mail. Since the magazine is a bimonthly, the columns get finalized ahead. We usually plan and schedule early with those who are willing to contribute. Hence, it may not be possible to include your write-up in the very next issue. But, surely, we can make it in one of the subsequent editions. It will be helpful if you could go through past issues and familiarize with the content before contacting.

As you might have noticed, photographs are also given importance in the design. While proposing to contribute to the magazine, please make sure the availability of reasonably good quality (technically and aesthetically) photos. Generally, the file size of a good quality photograph will be minimum 1 MB with 8 inches on the the longer side and at 300 dpi resolution. Also please note that in situations where inhouse photographs are available, we may not consider external contributions.

The contributing authors are also required to send a short bio in ~50 words and also a solo selfie shot in a well-lit location.


Consider contributing to any of the following segments. The mentioned word count is only an indication. The actual word count may vary based on the availability of space and priority of the content. We may have to edit out portions or make suitable changes to make the text fit to available space, and to meet the the magazine standards. If covering an event, make sure that it happened during the period of the issue.

Art Colloquy
Artist(s) in conversation or this column features interviews with artists from different fields, young or seasoned, who have made their mark. The suggested word count is around 2000.
Featured articles can be simple reports or detailed appreciations, generally featuring a special event or a particular program. Often these write-ups will be included based on the initiative from the part of the organizers. Either they could invite us to cover the program (with the expenses taken care of), or they can arrange someone locally (to be decided after discussing with us) to do it for the magazine. The suggested word count is around 1500.
Anything that does not fit in the rest of the sections finds a place here. It could be simple reports, sharing of some art-related news or even a simple write-up on a topic someway connected to arts. The expected word count is around 500.
This column is for young artists to share thoughts on topics related to their stream of art. It can be on one's experiences, but making it insightful is essential. The suggested word count is around 900.
Do you have an inspiring story to tell? Then this is the space for you. It could be about an artist, a choreography work, a book, a dance production or anything similar. The suggested word count is around 900.
As the name indicates, it is sharing the memory of an artist who has recently passed away, or a significant death anniversary during the period of the publication. If the artist is a performer, it will be better if a candid photo from daily life is also made available. The expected word count is around 1250.
Articles coming under this section will be detailed appreciations of a solo performance or multiple performances from an event, like a dance festival, for instance. The contributor should have proven writing experience in the field of art. For solo presentations, the expected word count is around 1000. For events featuring recitals of multiple artists, the word count for each will depend on the number of performers, but it should not exceed a total of 2000 words.

Other than the above, the magazine features a few more sections. They are prepared by the editorial team.

This section lists a few of the video productions released in video sharing platforms in the last two months. We give priority to professionally produced videos, but not released through well-established channels.
Readers' Response
Selected feedback from the readers during the period are featured in here.
Features photographs of dancers, taken during a live performance, from many years back.
Features studio-shot photographs of artists.
Talking Frames
This column features shutterbugs. In each issue, we will be featuring one photographer along with two best photographs from their collection in this category.
Watch Out
This column is to feature a succesful YouTube channel promoting Indian classical dance and music.