What is Artograph?
Artograph is a bi-monthly bilingual e-magazine (ISSN 2582-6662) published by NEWNMEDIA™, focussing on dance, music, and arts in general. A humble effort to document the events happening in the cultural realm of the country, the magazine features articles in both English and Malayalam, along with appealing photographs.

How can I subscribe to Artograph?
It requires a gmail account to join the Google Groups for subscribers. It's a private group, and only the subscribers of the magazine get added in here. The Admin alone can post in the group, and the members can only view the conversations. Also, the membership details (name and email) is accessible only to the Admin. Please join by visiting this link. In case you want to join with an email service other than Gmail, use this subscription form.

Where can I read Artograph?
Artograph is an e-magazine and is available through different online platforms. If you are a subscriber, every new issue will reach right in your inbox with relevant links to access the magazine. Presently it is available through Google Play Books, Scribd, and Issuu. If you are using your mobile, we recommend using Google Play Books app for a better reading experience. For desktop users, it is best to use any modern browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.) to read the magazine. You may also follow our social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram Channel) for updates on the magazine.

Where can I find the PDF version of the magazine?
The high-quality PDF version of the magazine can be downloaded from Google Play Books by paying a small premium.

Is it possible to get a print copy?
Yes, you may order printed copies of a single issue or multiple issues of the magazine. However, the minimum count for each issue shall be ten. The price will vary according to the total number of pages and number of copies. If you have a requirement, please get in touch with us.

How to get an event featured in Artograph?
For events falling within the purview of the magazine, all you need to do is to notify us in advance. We have a dedicated 'Featured' segment for focused event reports. Please check the Contribute section for more details.

How to apply for the 'Talking Frames' column of the magazine?
Talking frames is a segment dedicated to photographers and their works. Novice or expert, amateur or professional, you are welcome to submit your portfolio here. After going through the content, we will get back to you if selected for publication.

How can I contribute to the magazine?
If you are an art enthusiast and have a flair for writing, you are welcome to contribute. Please refer to the Contribute section for more details.

What if I want to give a feedback?
You may use any of our social media handles (Facebook, Instagram) to share your feedback. Another option is to use the online feedback form or you could reach us via email.

Whom to contact in case of complaints regarding the issue?
The views in the write-ups published in the magazine are those of respective authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy of the magazine. If you have any concerns regarding the content of the magazine, please write to us.